Before and the aftermath of Babri Mosque incident in Bangladesh

Bizarre kind of darkness engulfed the world today,
Blinds have more powerful sight
Those who have no love, affection and kindness and stir of mercy in emotion,
The world is obsolete today without their counseling.
Still those who have deep conviction on mankind,
Those who normally think the greatness of truth and culture,
Or the art and pursuit,
They are the prey of obnoxious.

– Jibananondo Dash

Based on the issue of ‘Babri Mosque’ destruction in India a communal tempest blown over the non-Muslim community in early and late ninety decades in Bangladesh. Millions of ill-fated people escaped away with lives at their hand from home in the darkness. They faced communal aggression, they were antagonized on the presence of law enforcement agencies and government administration. The blessings of mass media don’t let forget the occurrence of ‘Babri Mosque’ from the mindset of Bangladeshi people. But completely erased the gruesome attack on victims those who were not involved in that disgusting activities. They had to pay a lot even their lives and properties, kith and kin. But alas! Bangladesh government and media systematically dumped the massive destruction of Hindu community as if nothing happened there. You might have the possibility to be astonished to see in the cutting edge of information technology there is no detail evidence of actually what transpired on those days in Bangladesh. What is available, still limited in few lines only. Frankly speaking, asking information on these heinous events is somewhat like a crime. In 1988 when Ershasd declared the state religion of Bangladesh is Islam for gaining a more political advantage then automatically atrocities started on the Hindu community. Small-scale of violence was already there before Babri Mosque damage every now and then in response to the rumor. Mayhems to be continued at the last days of Ershad regime. In Bangladesh religious atrocities is still going on three communities. They are Hindu, Indigenous and Ahmodiya. Hindus are the most exercised target, Indigenous are becoming the minority at their own land, even evicted and Ahmodiya is wiping out from millions to the only handful, even they have to practice their religious activities secretly. Actually, there is no boundary of religious nationalism. Advancement of science shows us the dream to land on Mars. The day isn’t far to come when a human may be able to reside there. I guess, any kind of religious violence of Mars can affect the future earth!!

After failing of Congress in India BJP ascend the power and consequently religious fascism increased at an alarming rate in India. General people protest them vigorously like writers boycott award and filmmakers refused the honor. We see pressure group raised from the mass people to make government operate in the right track. Same catastrophes are happening in Bangladesh frequently but our intellectuals completely ignore such kind of miscreants as if they locked their tongue, no discussion in parliament. Even civil society has no voice. Writers, intellectuals hide their heads in the sand to disregard simoom.  All of these reminds of poetry.

The day is dedicated to rape, Krishna went far entry

History veiled into radical phallus society.

Mumbai stock exchange building, Passport Office, Masjid-Mandivi corporation Bangk Barnch, Fisherman”s Colony in Mahim causeway, Zaveri Bazaar, Plaza Cinemacentury bazaar, Katha Bazaarhotel sea rock, Terminal At Sahar Airport, Air India Building, Hotel Juhu Centaur, Worli

Outrage on a minority is deep-rooted, it’s not like that, and it started from just after ‘Babri Mosque’ issue, but started from the very beginning of our independence. During liberation, war Hindus who went to India for shelter, after independence when they came back strangely find their properties were occupied by local political big shots. Moreover, vested property act from Pakistan era helped Muslims to grab Hindu possessions. The national temple in Dhaka city is a burning example of Hindu community in Bangladesh who how much able to save their assets. The lion share of the temple is still under seize. When national temple in the heart center of Dhaka city snatched away then what the scenario of the total country is easily recognizable.

Let’s have a look at a story. A Hindu minority was once producing cigarettes with ragged paper at Savar, near Dhaka in 1973. In the heap of paper a sheet of paper was found on which Arabic letters were written. Local mob spread a gossip, this Hindu people is making cigarettes tearing up pages of Quran. Instantly huge crowd gathered and arson the factory to ashes. Fortunately the vendor fled away and able to save his life finally. Large-scale violence started after ‘Babri Mosque’ devastation during 90 decades. Millions of Hindus were dispossessed in very short time. Most horrible attack took place in 2001 when BNP and Jamat led alliance ascend government power.

It was a nightmare indeed! Hardly Hindu community can forget those days. A very young girl was gang-raped, her name was Purnima. The destitute mother of the wretched Purnima in sheer ferocity touched feet of every rapist asking them, “my baby is too young, please go to her single.” In a sense, Purnima was lucky because she got a judgment after ten years on 4thMay, 2011. In the same way, thousands of Purnima was raped, left their homeland for good silently in the darkness of pitch black night. The government of Bangladesh and media concealed all those evidence so we have to wait to realize the real scenario up to 2001. Actually, what happened in 2001 we would never know, we can only imagine their fate. Here below some pictures depicting the vulnerability of minority public.

Then another massive attack took place at Ramu in Cox’s Bazar during 1st October 2012. Really it was a horrible experience for them. Allegedly so-called facebook post ignited Muslim religious sentiment. Instantly enormous people involved in violence, hundreds of years old Buddhist pagoda were down to dust, Buddhist people were hacked with sharp machetes. Local Muslims propagated the ferocity, interestingly all party activists vandalized Buddhist sanctuary with festive mood even refuge Rohingya from Myanmar played an active role there. The then OC of Ramu Thana utter surprisingly told, if I were not wrapped in uniform, I would join the bloodbath. All criminal was released without going under legal verdict. The surprise is not an end here, local ruling party Awami League leaders arranged bail for the criminals.

Our intellectual writers to observe the ‘Babri Mosque’ destruction with multi literal dialogue, marks vigorous column on paper, join TV talk shows but don’t waste a single word for the destitute Hindu minority people of Bangladesh who were suffered in every nook and corner. They feel not to write what kind of religious hurricane blown over them. As a result, our government completely successful to erase the pitch black history of communal violence.

Ziaur Rahman amended the constitution of Bangladesh adding “Bismillah” and Ershad circumcised finally. Islam turned the state religion of Bangladesh, therefore non-muslims implicitly began to be treated a second-class citizen of the country. Ershad operated a surgical operation on original constitution of 1972 introduced by Awami League just after independence which was secular. He eliminated secularism from the constitution. But the same Awami League didn’t restore secularism during their 1996 tenure not even in 2009. They keep it goes on for the political benefit. Moreover, the Awami League didn’t cancel the most inhuman “Enemy Property Act” legacy from the Pakistani era. They make the law renamed as “Vested property Act” what is also a mockery against Hindu minority and actually it was old wine in new bottle. This change was nothing but ‘condomsize’ the meaning of the word. All of these are on the base of political stand in the voting field only to gain the power using by the so-called secular manifesto. Right now scenario changed 360 degrees. They think minority votes are no more worthy to ascend power because election ejected to vile dust. Awami League government wants now to sail the boat to Medina pact, so they themselves not willing to back constitution of 1972

In independent Bangladesh the first ever religion-centric riot occurred in 1990, Ershad directly or indirectly fueled the insurgency. Then during the tenure of Khaleda Zia in 1992 in response to the devastation of Babri Mosque. Besides these state harassment and aggression against the indigenous people continuously from the very beginning of Bangladesh. In 1971, 18.40 percent Hindu people comprised of total demography. 1981 they became 12.10 percent, next 1991 census expressed Hindu population is 11 percent, and 2001 census published only 9 percent. Now Hindu people reached the bottom line of annihilation. They are only 8 percent of the total population. But still the government shamelessly announcing non-muslins are secured here.

Before the election, Tenth National Assembly campaigned to form “Mass Investigation Commission” to secure religious and ethnic right prescribing seven points.

Seven Points are below

1. Seven Points are below 1. Bangladesh is a country of multi-religion and ethnic diversity. So secularism is must here and the government is liable to ensure the prosperity and development of the citizens. The government has to make ethical standard very evidently of its citizens so that it can reflect on their activities. The government should operate the state based on basic rules of administration, security, education system and have to implement secularism and equal rights on every sphere. To stop and eliminate the discrimination against religious ethnicity every government, semi-government, autonomy body especially Public Administration, law enforcer agencies, BDR, Ansar, and Army has to employ more minorities.

2. Cancel all amendment of constitution what was made to create discrimination with a view of religion what alleged against to ensure fundamental rights and restore the 1972 constitution again as it was.

3. The Government cannot be partial upon one religion and cannot govern administration on behalf of one specific religion. Because every religion is the same in the eyes of state and government.

4. A) The Government has to cancel all laws and actions that directly made discrimination against minority, indigenous, different lingual people, and different ethnic group what derailed them from the mainstream nation. These laws like vested property act, succession act also diminished their constitutional rights as a citizen.

4. B) The government have to take proper initiative to implement and materialization as soon as possible the “Parbotyo Shanti Chukti” which was signed in 1997 so that the minorities of Hill tracts live in peace and harmony and rights can be reestablished.

4. C) As per the constitution any citizen is entitled to reside in any place of the country. But the government should not take any initiative of settling people so that the places specifically indigenous area of northern districts, Monipuris, and Khashiyas of Sylhet, Garos of Mymensingh and various ethnic group of hill tracts what can ignite discrimination and local-settler crisis.

4. D) In 1992 adopted by the UN General Assembly on 18 December (Recommendation No. 47/135), racial or ethnic, religious or linguistic minority in the declaration of the rights of individuals “have been asked to take steps to protect their rights in the member states (Article 1-8), the government of Bangladesh has to take effective measures and actions taken, the government will be made public.

4. E) Relatively backward minority communities in their own historical, family and inheritance laws recognition of the Bengali culture has to assimilate the ethnic group of people, embodied them in the national mainstream, without the abandonment of their self-identity the government to take steps to make sure.

4. F) The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the right of any citizen of the state irrespective of nation and religion particularly section 3 to 7, 12, 16, 20 and 21 B has been confirmed, the government must take steps to ensure them.

5. A) Religious mayhems on minorities what happened already and what is happening have to be condemned publicly.

5. B) Immediately stop every sort of persecution on Hindu minorities and all the culprits must be documented then try them whatever their social and political status.

5. C) The government has to ensure the security of minority, police and public administration will be forced to take strong and effective measures.

5. D) Civil and police administration who has failed to ensure the security of the minorities they should be punished or discharged from their job.

5. E) Ensure adequate compensation given to the victims.

6. A) Make sure the rehabilitation who were evicted from their land.

6. B) Make sure the rehabilitation who leaved the country for good.

7. Immediately form “National Human rights Commission” what would be independent indeed. Minority, women and child security issue would be entitled more privilege in this commission and ensure they are getting more facilities. Everybody plays the pillow passing blame game, so transfer the responsibility to.

But all those points are still taped in the paper, even no government is interested in implementing them Bangladesh Hindu-Buddhist-Christian association published a booklet “Glani”on religious atrocities in a response of Babri Mosque destruction during eighty and ninety decades.  Bangladesh government immediately banned the booklet and blacklisted them who were involved in publication. Utter surprisingly everybody plays the pillow passing blame game, so transfer the responsibility to Ershad and BNP government because it happened in that era. But they never asked what their role was when minorities were in gruesome attacks. As an opposition party what responsibility they performed to stop violence and reestablish peace in the society. History shows in British regime political parties played an active role and took initiative to stop Hindu-Muslim riot. Mohatma Gandhi immediately ran to Noakhali to stop ferocity and observe the real scenario. Abul Kalam Azad launched numerous activities. Now, if we question what is doing our present leaders ever ordered their political activists to stop the violence? Is it fear enough to ask? But alas! What we see, nowadays leaders from both opposition and ruling party actively taking part in violence to grab the property of victims. Some direct command to gain political benefit and enhance the aggression level. The main objectives of these attacks are to engulf property. A few days back The Daily Prothom Alo published news, the investigative news of Sylhet clearly come to the conclusion that the best way to grab land is to build a Mosque. Once a Mosque is built, no one can remove. First Mosque and then Madrasa this is the recipe to snatch away the land of non-Muslims. The political character of Bangladesh was always Pakistan centric. Bangladesh was once part of Pakistan as the greater Indian subcontinent which was independent based on two nation theory. Then Bangladesh liberated from Pakistan in 1971. Except for India, Bangladesh and Pakistan suffered a long time for army occupation. In the Pakistan era, Maududi wrote a book titled, “The Problem of Ahmadiyya”.  In only 18 days 60 thousand copies of this book sold before the Pakistan government banned. The followers of Maududi attacked the Ahmadiyya people of Lahore in Panjab in 1953. The day was 1st February, thousands of Ahmadiyya was killed. Maududi was arrested and sentenced to death. Later, Saudi Arabia stopped his execution. It’s noteworthy, the aggression against Ahmadiyya started over a burial dispute of Ahmadiyya. The aggression ignited with killing the Ahmadiyya people, torching their residence and looting their valuables at industrial scale. So the Pakistan government declared martial law on 4th March of 1953 for the first time. Actually, this riot made a way out for the Army to rule Pakistan. In Bangladesh, Army enjoyed the power after the bloodbath of 15th August 1975. Militant right wings come to broad daylight of Bangladeshi politics by the carnage of Bangabandhu. Army started to influence the state power in every means. Aggression continued on minorities and hill tracts in commutative rate later years of every government of Bangladesh.

There is no exact evidence of how many people were subjected to hostility, killed or women were raped by the rumor of Babri Mosque destruction and when actually the incident happened. Because the government didn’t make any statistics on how many of the ill-fated citizens were victims. As a result what I present would be only the tip of the big iceberg. Austere right-wing political group RSS of India vandalized Babri Mosque in 6th December 1992. Before actual destruction of Babri Mosque several times religious fanatics created a rumor and attack Hindu minority. But after 6th December 1992 massive communal attack tormented these religious people. Between 6th to 16th December 15 people were slaughtered, more than 10 thousand were severely injured, 2600 women were raped, 2 lakhs people evicted, more than 3600 temples were destroyed, 40 thousands of residence were torched and captured and 10 thousand business premises set on fire what owned by Hindu. It was a partial picture of only 10 days. These 10 days are not the end of hatred carnival and everything became calm and normal or no attack happened. It was just an interval of the apocalypse. Attacks continued slowly and scattered. The robust attack took place in Dhaka during 6 and 7 December. The Daily Inqilab published a piece of news, “Hindu distributed sweet among themselves for the devastation of Babri Mosque”. The news daily expressed their apology for the fake news publication but already mishap happened and their intention successfully ended at that very night. Overnight every Hindu area was burnt to ashes. No case was filed against Inqilab for the fake news by the government. Huge attacks carried out in Mirshorai, Kutubdia, Moheshkhali, Bhola, Manikgonj, Chittagong, Sunamgonj and some other major towns of Bangladesh. Bizarrely, the then Prime Minister of Bangladesh Begum Khaleda Zia asked to rebuild Babri Mosque but not a single sentence she expressed for the destruction done at home and her administrative failure to stop the violence. Rather she expressed indemnity for them who involved in these heinous activities, no one would be arrested indeed. So, the violence continued more vigorously. Even attacks carried out by the settlers in hill tracts though these areas were not the main residential area of Hindu, they attack Buddhists. Likely, in 1971 the occupying army of Pakistan killed Shantal community thinking they are Hindu. In April 1992, the settlers of hill tracts hyped a rumor that, indigenous attack Muslims, so they decided to take revenge and killed 600 indigenous people, 45000 Buddhists left Bangladesh for good and refugee camp in India.

Amazingly, the government arrested no-Muslims in charge of this attack. Bangladesh government and mass media concealed this news totally, so no international authority discerned the fact. We well known about the fact of Gujrat what happened actually in India in 2007. But international media every year observe the day with various publication. But no news for the carnage of Bangladeshi Hindu community aftermath of Babri Mosque destruction. Political parties never let the media to publish real scenario for their own interest. Yet, personally, I tried to collect an only hand full of documents regarding these gruesome attacks. I would like to share some of the pictures with you to let the world know. I have the plan in future to update this writing if I can manage more evidence.

Report published in 1988 regarding the torture of hill tracts. 2870 human being were killed in refugee camp.
Refugee problem break out. 45000 Buddhists begged for shelter in India.
Within a single year 2.5 lakhs people pleaded refuge in India.
Attacks carried out in Mirshorai
A report depicted how much disparity based on religious identity in government services.

The original post written by Subrata Shuvo, Translated by Bikash Majumder

Download book- (Glani)’

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